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Baby Introduction

This is an INFORMATION page, verified by physician

Congratulations on the birth of your new baby, or babies! Welcome to this introduction to new BABY section of the website. This is a guide of what to expect in the first few week of your baby’s life. We cover the key things to expect around the time of birth and in the first few days of life. Some of the more frequent worries that parents have about a young baby are also discussed.

Don’t see your question addressed here? There is further information in the Beyond Baby section.

The Baby section will help you with feeding your baby. Whether you have chosen to breast or formula feed or indeed to do a mixture of the two. It will help you understand the normal pooping and peeing frequency of your newborn. And help you better understanding your baby’s crying. There is information on how to place your baby to sleep. We also look at common problems in new babies, jaundice, tongue tie and rashes.

Some mothers will feel low and down after the birth of their baby. We have covered this in the Beyond (mother) section. If you are feeling this way, please talk to someone early. Your OBGYN, Paediatrician or GP can all help and guide you.

Our clinical advice is evidence based. We use guidelines, research and publications from the UK Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and the American Academy of Paediatrics.

We have tried to think of the questions that you might have. And those which you might not have considered yet! We have divided the advice into manageable sections. So it’s easy to navigate to find the answers to your questions. This introduction to new BABY section will help signpost you.

The first few days and weeks with a new baby are not always easy. All paediatricians in Cayman recognise that many new mothers do not have normal family structures (such as Grandparents) on the island. You may have many questions. The answers are maybe not here? Or you do remain worried about something? It is important to talk to your paediatrician.

Additionally, you will also find access to support and help in our Baby Facebook Group. It allows you to ask questions, gain access to basic advice and share experiences with others facing the same new experiences. You can join here:

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Dr Sara Watkin
Dr Sara Watkin
SPECIALIST PAEDIATRICIAN & NEONATOLOGIST - Dr Sara Watkin (MB ChB, MRCP (paeds), FRCPCH, MD) is a highly experienced, tertiary trained paediatric and neonatal (newborn) specialist, based out of Grand Pavilion on West Bay Road, with paediatric & neonatal admitting rights at George Town. She has 25+ years experience as a consultant in the United Kingdom, including as Chief of Service at the world-renowned University College London Hospitals.

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