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Birth Introduction

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It’s the day you’ve been waiting for. It’s the most important journey your baby will make from the safety of the womb to the world. You need to be prepared both practically and emotionally. In the birth introduction section, you will find a mixture of evidence-based clinical advice on medically related matters.

This area of the website is designed to give you an insight into both vaginal and caesarean birth. It’s worth reading both sections irrespective of your birth preferences. Sometimes things can change at the last minute.

While most deliveries go to plan, unexpected changes can be needed. Understanding this means you will be less anxious and stressed if this affects you. This includes information about your planned birth and complications. Such as pre-term labour or bleeding complications.

Some women have a religious objection to blood transfusion. If that is the case for you it is vital that you have discussed this with your obstetrician well in advance of the delivery.

Support during giving birth is very important. You may want to suggest that the people you have chosen to be with you at the special time also read this part of the website.
Our clinical advice is evidence-based on guidelines, research and publications from both the UK Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the US American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. We have included more specific advice about pregnancy in Grand Cayman. And some reflections based on our observations and personal experiences of birth. Including carrying out deliveries and attending births in the Cayman Islands and elsewhere in the world.

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It’s also worth checking out help, advice, and birth introduction posts in our Baby Facebook Group. It allows you to ask questions, gain access to basic advice and share experiences with others facing the same new experiences. You can join here:

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Dr Sara Watkin
Dr Sara Watkin
SPECIALIST PAEDIATRICIAN & NEONATOLOGIST - Dr Sara Watkin (MB ChB, MRCP (paeds), FRCPCH, MD) is a highly experienced, tertiary paediatric and neonatal (newborn) specialist, with paediatric & neonatal admitting rights at George Town. Sara has 30+ years experience as a consultant in the United Kingdom and Cayman Islands, including as Chief of Service at the world-renowned University College London Hospitals.
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